Mega Man X

Mega Man, or the Blue Bomber, has a new series, the Mega Man X series. His arm cannon shoots a charged shot. Here, the stages are shorter and the bosses more difficult. I had fun, but I think the original series is better.

After the first stage, a “Stage Select” screen opens up offering eight stages. Again, expect a shorter stage and a more challenging boss. Although the stages are easier to complete, the bosses are more challenging than in previous Mega Men. Every boss has a weakness: the lizard is weak to the boomerang for example.

Unfortunately, the final “Sigma Stages” must be played without interruption. These are the most challenging of the game. The unfair difficulty spike makes Mega Man X hard to recommend. Still, the Mega Man X series goes on to “Mega Man X8”, so the series must have redeemed itself.


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