Currently building a database of game reviews to help people make better informed decisions before buying a game.  Preferred are games between 1985-2015.  I’ve had a falling out with more modern games, lets say around God of War 3 and Spider-Man.

Also, as the site has grown (and it has), I’ve had an interest in adding Special Features, and I hope (I hope, I hope), we will be able to include some interviews with gamers and developers alike.



J. Tyler Dodge – Tyler has been living in Pennsylvania almost all of his life.  He has a B.S. from Penn State in Information Science and Technology, which falls short of his goal of getting a degree in Computer Science.  Tyler worked in I.T. and computer software for many years. He started the blog Blimps Go 180 in his spare time and it became a life consuming passion project.  Tyler has a cat named Yosuke and gets a hell of a good deal on rent.


If you have an interest in having me write for your website, or would like to use an existing article on your website, send an email to blimpsgo180@gmail.com

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