Brief Game Reviews: The Walking Dead

This is a cool game. It’s hard to really talk about without going into spoiler territory. I’ll just describe what the game is like to play. I played it on Xbox 360 and it’s an adventure game, but not in the traditional sense. You often look around the world with the right analog stick, and you can select things with the face buttons. During dialog, you can choose what to say with all four face buttons. On occasion, you can walk around with the left analog stick. But generally speaking, this is a story (dialog) driven game with some action sequences. The game forces you to make tough decisions that affect how the rest of the game plays out. The action sequences weren’t all that fun. The graphics aren’t the best cel-shaded graphics for it’s generation of consoles, but the art style does make The Walking Dead nice to look at. Music I thought was especially bad. You keep hearing the same audio clips being looped throughout the section you’re in. Not fun. Also, there’s a fair amount of “stuttering” going on on the Xbox 360 360 where a scene keeps pausing as it loads. All in all the game is flawed, but characters and dialog keep it going, and both are well done.


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