Review: Halo 4

This is an excellent addition to the Halo series. I thought the graphics were really good, especially for an Xbox 360 game. I don’t know what the internal resolution is, but on a 1080p television, it looks great. Level design I thought was excellent, much better than what I remember from Halo 3. I see people complaining that it’s linear, but I’ve always enjoyed linear games. I remember ODST being super non-linear, and I never finished because I kept getting lost. I loved Master Chief’s new armor.

If I have a complaint about 4, it’s that the game can be difficult. I have been playing on Easy, and there are still sections where I need to repeat playing through it over and over until I figure out the trick to that section. I also understand that the game is a little too reliant on it’s “Go here and press a button / blow up the reactor / whatever” formula.

I haven’t played 4’s multiplayer, but I sure played a lot of Halo 3 multiplayer, and that would be difficult to top.

All in all, Halo 4 shows that 343 Industries has the chops to make a Halo on par with what Bungie can make. If I ever pick up an Xbox One, I’ll look forward to playing Halo 5. Or with any luck, the full version of Halo 5 will come to Windows 10.


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