The Real Neat Blog Award (AK nomination)

I have never done a blog award, but I feel honored to be nominated. I do read other blogs as much as I scrutinize my own, so I’m grateful to be recognized (thanks AK!).

Unfortunately I can’t think of seven people I regularly follow, but I can think of three. I’m going to nominate blogs I don’t read, in hopes of expanding my regularly followed sites. The name of the game is: Answer seven questions, ask seven more, and nominate seven bloggers.

Here we go!

What’s your favorite game genre?

Role-playing games. The creator of Dragon Quest said he wanted to make a game that “everyone could finish”, specifically because grinding levels makes the game easier. When a shooter or action game has a super hard difficulty level, I shy away, but I’m grateful RPGs have easy leveling.

Is there a game genre you will never touch, no matter how much praise a game in that genre might receive? What puts you off about it?

Bullet hell shmups. I was recently critical of the Mega Man Legacy Collection because of a Challenge Mode. There is a point where a game is too difficult, and that’s everything a bullet hell shmups is about.

What’s your favorite controller?

The Xbox 360 controller, which is a natural evolution of the Dreamcast controller.  It’s a little funny looking with two analog sticks in two different places, but I love it. The controller is “ergonomic.”

What’s your least favorite controller?

My inclination is most third-party controllers, but that has changed. The Astro brand controller with swappable layouts looks great. Maybe the Dual Shock, because the left analog stick is a bit out of reach.

What game would you like to see get a full-scale remake? Complete with any updated graphics, features, and game mechanics you’d like.

Jet Set Radio Future. Blit did an amazing job bringing Jet Set Radio HD to PC, I think they could do the same for the sequel. Additional remakes: Panzaar Dragoon Saga, Panzaar Dragoon Orta, and a lot of Sega’s back catalog.

How do you approach difficulty levels in games that offer that option? Do you like to jump into the deep end right away or take a more measured approach?

When I first played BioShock Infinite, I played on normal difficulty. On playing again, I still played on normal. Ideally I would increase difficulty after the first playthrough, but I stick to the difficulty level I can handle.

How do you feel about the “casual/story mode” difficulty levels that are easier than the standard easy mode? Is there any situation in which you’d play a game in that mode?

The only example I have is the Final Fantasy IX remake where the battles happen at 3x speed, an unfortunate indication that most of the time, you’re just selecting “Attack.” I would want to play FFIX like this because I’d like to see the graphical enhancements of the remake most of all. Phoenix Wright also enters my mind. You visit crime scenes but it’s pure detective mode. There are no battles, just looking around the scene, putting clues together

Alright, time to put together a list of questions!

  1. We have moved from 2D graphics to 3D, and game developers say creating 2D sprites is too expensive compared to 3D models (see King of Fighters and Street Fighter). Do you have a favorite 2D game?
  2. Even Nintendo’s current handheld the Switch can render 3D graphics with ease. Do you think there is a future for 2D games?
  3. Every modern console, the PS4/Pro, the Xbox One/X, the Switch, and the personal computer can hit 60 frames per second thanks to 60 hertz displays. Many developers would rather lock the frame rate at 30 frames per second (fps) because more action can happen on screen, but 60 fps is stunning, despite devouring system resources. Should all games going forward shoot for 60 fps, or is 30 fps enough?
  4. You are on a desert island and have all the food and shelter you need. You can only play one game until someone finds you and rescues you. Which game would you play?
  5. Is there an independent site which covers games that you’re addicted to?
  6. Are you at all bothered a lot of current gen games are re-releases from last gen? Specifically GTA5, the Bioshock games, Red Faction Guerilla, and L.A. Noire have been re-released despite being from the previous generation. Have we hit a brick wall for new game ideas?
  7. What is your favorite non-gaming hobby?

Phew, I was thinking hard. Onto the nominees!


AK, Everything is Bad for You

Red Metal

Rachel, Double Jump

Kris P. Double Jump

Michelle, A Geek Girl’s Guide

El Mundo Tech

Hope to see some great answers! Thanks again.


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