Mini-Review: Mega Man 5

We are drawing ever closer to the all-important Mega Man X, but Mega Man 5 has some positive – or at least unique – aspects. The levels are all longer than in previous titles. I noticed myself saying, “The boss door must be coming up,” only to find that it wasn’t. Once you do reach the boss, there’s nothing to fear. A charged Mega Buster is your best friend, and the rewind feature in the remake undoes damage. Unlike Mega Man 3, which has a lot of added content, this one ended at about the same hour mark as the others.

I needed to use special weapons in the stage before the Dr. Wily Stage, in the Proto Man Stage, and during the Dr. Wily Stage. Even here, no one enemy is supremely unfair. I unfortunately found a bug where the rewind feature plainly stopped working. But once I reset the game, all was well again. A patch would be nice, but this isn’t a chart topping title. Needless to say, I will be happy to finish the sixth title, and move on with 16-bit (and up) Mega Man efforts.



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