Mini-Review: Mega Man 2 (2 hours, PC)

Mega Man 2 was a fan favorite Mega Man game back in the days of the NES. The NES came to see six Mega Man games total, but I see why this one stands out. The difficulty level is dropped way down compared to the original Mega Man, and the power-ups are super cool, though you don’t need to use them until the final stage. I played Mega Man 2 in the Mega Man Legacy Collection on PC. As far as I can tell, all of the first six Mega Man games have been rebuilt from the ground up, which corrects things like sprite flicker and sound dropouts.

This is not the first classic Mega Man package – I seem to recall one for GameCube, and Mega Man games were included in, for example, the NES Classic mini-console release. Paired with Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which includes main series titles 7-10, the Mega Man Legacy Collection is an excellent and affordable way to enjoy the franchise. That said, there are games like Mega Man Legends, which may never see a second release due to weird licensing issues. Maybe after the copyright expires. Mega Man 2 lives up the good reputation.



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