Brief Game Review: Yoshi (1992, Game Boy)

Editor’s Note: It’s been a long time since having a Brief Game Review.  Sometimes a slow day is nice.

This is a simple puzzle game from my childhood. Instead of being a “match three,” it’s a “match two.” Enemy characters from the Mario series will fall from the top of the screen in sets of two, toward the bottom. There are only four stacks and four types of enemies, but if you match two enemies, they disappear. Mario is at the bottom of the screen, with a hand under two stacks next to each other. You can flip the stacks with Mario’s hands, allowing you to match enemies.

Finally, there are Yoshi’s eggs, which come with a top and a bottom. If you place an egg bottom toward the bottom of a stack, and enemies accrue above it, an egg top will eat through the enemies to complete the egg. The eggs give more points. If you match two egg bottoms directly, they disappear, and the same goes for the tops.

It isn’t the most brilliant puzzle game, but it sure feels more fun than Dr. Mario, for example. Of note ~ “Game Freak” is the developer, and they would later go on to make the Pokemon series, which they still make to this day. Also of note is the game’s age. I was a mere lad of five when the game arrived in the United States. It’s cute and fun.



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