2018 in Review(s)

I had a sad conversation with my dad yesterday about how I don’t read gaming news sites anymore. I am aware that a Spider-Man game, a God of War game, and Red Dead Redemption II were released this year. That’s about all I know. I have been so wrapped up in games of yore that I haven’t looked at the present gaming era much.
At the same time, I have written 50 reviews for the year, almost one review for every week. Thanks to post scheduling, I had a review for every Monday and Friday in December before the month had even started. I have a printed “master” list of every game I’ve completed, and when I finish the review for the game (which goes to an editor before being posted – no really!), I put an “X” next to the game in pen. We’re getting there. I have about 81 games left that I’ve completed (over the course of my life) that I also wish to review.
I am also preparing for the day when I pick up a controller again before the review. I did manage to play Ever Oasis on 3DS and finish it (almost every side-quest completed). That was a big win. Between my Steam library, and my GOG Galaxy library, I should have plenty more to play.

This graphic proves what a good year it’s been. It’s like a staircase. I am especially happy that the number of unique visitors is near equal to last year, meaning my site is growing thanks to return visitors! I have learned the importance of social media. Folks are following the site on Facebook, and some (not many, but some) follow on Twitter. I have also gained traction in search engine results. Typing “Speedy Gonzales Gameboy Review” into DuckDuckGo yields my review as the first result. “Commander Keen 6 review” has me at number three on the same search engine. There was an era before the internet where there aren’t a lot of game reviews, so I’m getting ahead in that regard.
The sobering truth is, there are still massive lulls (I’m in one right now: 12/9/2018) where no one is visiting the site. Even days in which I post, sometimes I get one view. Perhaps the site hasn’t changed enough. I’m still trying to do more special features, but reviews come naturally. The chart speaks to the merit of looking at a website over a year. I’m still dreaming about making a book.
Thank you for your continued patronage!



  1. Wow, you have an editor? That’s cool! Have you thought of adding a little original artwork to each review? Is there a way to do this? Might be fun to see whether adding “fan art” increases your readership!


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