Site Update and Book Ambitions

I realized after posting the Majora’s Mask review that it has been a very long time since I updated the site. Actually, updating of my site has been spotty since it’s inception, but the most recent gap was too much, two months shy of a year.

At the same time, something remarkable has happened… I’ve reviewed 78 games. That’s extremely close to 100 games. Realizing how many games it’s been, I started to wonder, how can I attract an audience to my writing? That’s when I thought a book would be appropriate. I don’t know what to call the book. I’m still thinking of a title. Also, there isn’t a lot of consistency to what I review, other than “It’s games I like.” The good news is, there are basically three platforms I work with: Valve’s Steam, Microsoft Xbox (360 and later), and Nintendo’s Virtual Console. I can do something with this.

Upon closer inspection, there’s a problem with some reviews: they’re too short. Some reviews are as little as one paragraph. Twenty-three of the reviews are full length (at least five paragraphs), the rest are not as long. I am taking steps to resolve this problem by expanding old reviews. I’ve expanded five one paragraph reviews so far.  Adding the five to the twenty three makes 28, about ~36% of existing reviews.  Obviously 28% of the total.

Here is the process for updating an old review:

  1. Compare review on WordPress with my Microsoft Word/Google Drive review. There are discrepancies with my reviews on file and those posted to WordPress. I go into editing mode, no matter the platform.
  2. Look for a longplay of the game online. A longplay is just a video of someone playing a game start to finish. Perhaps this is controversial, but I really did beat the game first. The video is just reminding me of the game’s contents. World of Longplays is the best source around, but there’s more than one.
  3. Work on review after previous two steps. Five paragraphs is the minimum.
  4. After finishing updating the reviews, read at least one competing review to see where my opinions differ.

That’s basically it. Again, I’ve updated five reviews to go into further depth. I am still making new reviews, and plans to review a fighting game are in the works. Book publishing is a hazy and unclear business to me, but I’m still interested in making it happen. A friendly aside is that I keep a list of every game I’ve finished, and it’s up to 150 games even. It’s a friendly reminder that I can still review games that aren’t on the site, and I’ve got… oh, a couple in mind.


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