Reviews: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

I had the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on Dreamcast and had a great time with it. It was the best version of the game in terms of graphics. But also, I liked the way it played on a Dreamcast controller.

When I bought this game, I expected it was going to be the original Tony Hawk in HD. Well, turns out, this is more of a greatest hits of (presumably) previously non-HD Tony Hawk courses.

It’s not a hard game. It took me less than five hours to get all the levels. There’s the option to play through the game again with a different character. But the way you can max out stats, different characters are more like different skins. There’s no specific benefits you get from one character or another after you upgrade stats.

The game doesn’t feel right. The controls are imprecise compared to the Dreamcast game. I also don’t think the courses picked are the best. Playing all the original Tony Hawk courses would have made for a better game than the levels selected here.

I can’t hate on the game too much. Nailing a big combo is it’s own reward. This game is competent, but not excellent.


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