Brief Game Reviews: Tomb Raider (reboot)

Rise of the Tomb Raider came out late last year, and people were impressed by how good it looked. But… wow, does this game look good too.

Tomb Raider is something of a cinematic experience. You move in generally a straight line, and the world unfolds before your eyes. But it’s a really beautiful world. I’m playing on PC. I have to imagine this was pushing previous gen systems to the limit. On PC, it’s silky smooth.

There’s a bit of combat in the game. I generally don’t like when you’re killing people in video games. I didn’t mind, say, Mass Effect 2, cause I was generally shooting aliens. But killing people isn’t something I enjoy in games.

Also, Lara gets hurt. A lot. I could do without all the abuse.

All in all, this deserves to be seen. A graphical achievement most of all.


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