Reviews: Mass Effect 2

I think the Mass Effect series is pretty cool. I like sci-fi as a genre, so that might explain why.

I played through the first Mass Effect and really enjoyed it. I later played Mass Effect 2, probably a little past the halfway point, and then stopped. My save got lost, so this is my second attempt to get through Mass Effect 2.

The mission structure is pretty formulaic: go to a location (planet), kill the enemies, progress the story (usually recruiting someone on your team). This said, it’s a fun cover-based shooter, and the story is good, albeit densely written.

The game looks beautiful on PC, despite being a last-gen game. Any modern graphics card should have no trouble handling it.

One minor grievance is that the load times seem longer than they need to be. Seeing I’m playing off a hard drive, it shouldn’t take as long to load the data as it does.

All told, it’s rare that we see a game come out with this much production value. It feels like a high budget Hollywood film. I’m glad it exists, and I’m looking forward to the third game.


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