Brief Game Reviews: Mario Kart: Super Circuit

This… this is a good Mario Kart game.

Seeing that this is a GBA title, there are technical limitations. The game is emulating the Super Nintendo’s Mode 7 with it’s tracks. Also, like in Mario Kart 64, the character’s are 2D sprites, not 3D models.

All that said, it’s a really fun Mario Kart. Most of the power-ups from the 64 game are present, including Lightening, Blue Shells, and Stars. The difficulty ramps quite high on 150cc. I found that 100cc was just right for me (though I ranked in all cups and all CC’s).

I’d give it a perfect score, except that Mario Kart 64, and Mario Kart: Double Dash are undoubtedly better games. Double Dash especially.


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