Brief Game Reviews: Commander Keen: Episode 1

I’m going to share a really controversial opinion I think the six Commander Keen games are more fun than the original Mario Bros. trilogy. You have to understand the context. When I was a kid, my friends all had NES, SNES, or Genesis. I had a home computer. Keen was about all I could play (or maybe all my parents bought), so the the series has a special place in my heart. You sort of get in this rhythm where you memorize levels to beat them, but I don’t mind it. The levels are short. Also, this game doesn’t have continues. You run out of lives, and that’s it… game over and start over. I played with an SNES-style USB controller, which made the game more fun than using a keyboard. It’s certainly not the longest game of the Keen series, but it lays the groundwork for future titles.


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