Brief Game Reviews: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Some people say that music is the universal language. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons attempts to include video games in that description as well. The game has no decipherable spoken language, and the only time there’s written language (outside of menus) is at the beginning of the game, when the fairly simple controls are explained to you. This game deserves a lot of credit for being so bold as to do away with language.

The gameplay is good. You control two brothers… one with each analog stick… on a mission to retrieve an antidote for a sick man…. presumably their father. The game is mostly about puzzle-solving. There are some things both brothers can do. There are other things that only one of the brothers can do. Puzzles are built atop this concept.

There was one point where the game restarted me at a checkpoint that was missing a scripting sequence, so I couldn’t progress in the game. Also, there is a bit of clipping that occurs with the brothers’ hands, going through, for example, a log. These are minor quibbles for what’s otherwise an excellent game.


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