Hummus and vegetable “wraps” with flaxseed tortillas


I came to the observation that there was a lot of brown flaxseed in the house, which got me looking for a flaxseed recipe. I found a recipe for tortillas with the ingredient (warning: lots of advertisements):

The tortillas didn’t turn out as flat, but it was OK.


So, what do you use tortillas for? Wraps come to mind, and a search for veggie wraps yielded this result:

I happen to have a homemade hummus recipe, which I used in place of store bought hummus.


Putting the wrap together was easy (as the Food Network link suggests). What was difficult was wrapping the tortilla. So we ate it open-faced. The result looks quite… gourmet!



It was good! The flaxseed tortillas are more flavorful that wheat tortillas. Raw onion adds a strong flavor, and mint was a sweet garnish.

Thank you kindly.


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